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a merry christmas to all... [24 Dec 2002|05:26pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

and to all a good night!

i hope santa is super nice to all of you. i be missing you! i am not attending mass this evening because i really do have a headache. of course, i only go to appease my mother. then i usually stay seated during communion which makes her a bit sad. the catholic church is full of the crazies, so i choose not to subject myself to it. the daddy and i are hanging here while my mom and brother go off to church. he's making my mom a chest of drawers so she's been barred from the garage for a week, and i'm in on the charade.

in one of the grand murphy traditions, i got to open one present tonight. i got a new feather pillow to replace my favorite that has fallen apart. so yay.

with each year the excitement dwindles. i'll probably still wake up in the wee hours and creep downstairs and look in my stocking, but i'm hoping nobody wakes up until at least 8.

why am i still talking/typing? oh, because i'm bored. so yeah. much love to all. merry christmas!

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this is for Jennipher [24 Dec 2002|12:04am]

[ mood | working ]

Paul Stanley. he always struck me as a little light.Collapse )

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a big fun wintery skating venture... [17 Dec 2002|07:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

ok kids. tomorrow will be my last full day in town (or so i plan) so we needs to be getting our skating and gift-giving on. skating tomorrow is from 2-5. everybody best be available. no excuses will be accepted...and i'm sure we won't want to skate for a full 3 hours since our feet are not willing. so we'll have to do some planning on how this is going to go down.

yep yep.

be excited. b-e excited!

(i've been having requiem for a dream flashbacks lately...i think it is from hearing the lord of the rings - the two towers trailer with the hope overture in the background.)

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i got you a sweater stripey [12 Dec 2002|12:47am]

[ mood | cold ]

so i was thinking:


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i was a thunkin' [10 Dec 2002|02:21pm]

[ mood | working ]

that this community has waaaaaaay too many pictures of the m.j. right now.

back to reading & writing? but i first must finish listening to this song of deliciousness.

p.s. let's go see the lights at the zoooooooooooooooo-ah

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tickling the funny bone... [08 Dec 2002|11:10pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i thought this would pertain to some bigfun interests. getting any new ideas, stephen II???

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!!!!!! [05 Dec 2002|09:31pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

I made a shocking amount of money on eBay!

I surprised myself and bought a proper coat! I took pictures!

I bought presents! hahaha!

I got free tickets to the zoo!

here's the back neck of the coat.
my front end needs some detailing so I'll pic it another time

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sdfj;erol;odfgvhnujd! [05 Dec 2002|01:53pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Kate and Roman are making out on DOOL! unbuttoning things and such!

my eyes! they burn!

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my counseling theory... [05 Dec 2002|01:01am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

is complete as of 12:30am. it took me very little time considering my constant breaks. really got settled in around 11, i think.

i'm wired again, tonight. still coughing. it really comes on hard at night for some reason. i better be able to sleep. i don't want to take anything that will make me sleep because i'm scared i won't get up in time in the morning. not to mention, i'm anal and will probably go back over my paper like 5000 times for changes tomorrow.

after tomorrow, only one exam left to worry about. see how my life is consumed with such things?

so, gang....i bid you adieu. i'm going to tryyyyyyy to sleep.

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an email from... [04 Dec 2002|09:26pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Shocking News
Subject line reads: Redheadgirlusc Enlarge your Penis safely and naturally.

I'm amused. Much like the email i got that said "This Nokia 3390 phone could be yours, WHORE!!!"

Yes, I am typing with appropriate capitalization. I'm writing papers, so I'm in the groove. On page 3. I'll just squeeze out some more psycho-babble bullshit from my a-hole and be done with it...I'm guessing by midnight.

Woman from "Beta-Tech" called tonight and I was like, "I'm trying to write a paper and study for exams, I can't talk to you right now." HAHAHAHA

Can't you feel me analyzing you?

Jennipher practices beastiality. I've got pictures.

Ok, back to it.

Oh, for those of you who care, and I know you all do...Brie talked to Rachel and it isn't as bad as people were fabricating it to be. However, she's still doing coke, and living with skank girl, and obsessed with the wrong person. She'll come back. I think Kim was just a little hurt and jealous. Understandably, or course. Oh, the tangled webs I weave.

Glad I have a few drug free friends. Much love.

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DANGER DANGER! [04 Dec 2002|02:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

you guys don't die in this horrible and "hazardous weather"!!!

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free association... [04 Dec 2002|12:44am]

[ mood | awake ]

W.W.F.S. = what would freud say?


equals this????

i'm really scared his face is going to implode!!

my computer is being a bitch. i'm surprised it is letting me do this.

what's that you say? paper? exams?


i wrapped jennipher's present all pretty-like. she's not going to be able to open it because a) it's too pretty and b) it's got boocoodles of tape all over it.

we should have some sort of friendly gathering this weekend. an ice skating fun gathering. luckily my exams don't require much studying. application of principles. shiiiit.

i'm in a stupid mood. jennipher can hear my coughs from across the apt.

much big fun love. teenage/early 20s suicide. don't do it.

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air quotes! [03 Dec 2002|11:29pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

look kids, he's telling us hello!

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bang! bang! bang! [25 Nov 2002|01:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

"i turned that damn bastard into fishbait!"

sara, i have the joy division box set to give back to you. thankeeee :D

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my helper monkey is typing this. [24 Nov 2002|07:30pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I'm having a kinda cruddy evening! woo! I just told Dean (my friend-type man in Atlanta) that I don't mind if he doesn't speak to me ever again! HAHAHAHAHA! and he said "what kind of attitude is that? that's a 'you don't know me' attitude!" and I said "blah blah!" LONG story I could write on my LJ but to quote the Super Furry Animals "the Man don't give a fuck." (PSSST: DOWNLOAD ME THAT SONG, K? IT'S RAD.)

anyway, I'm having a bake sale in my front yard Wednesday so if anyone wants to visit and get fed stop by in the daylight hours. oh, and we DO need to have a Big Fun Ice Capades.

can anyone recommend funny NES games? I painted the console bright blue and I'll do some gold trim in a moment.

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where are your skates, young lady? [24 Nov 2002|06:51pm]

i don't like that the sonic car-hops hardly EVER wear skates. i've only seen one. i don't get my proper drive-in experience. i'm reminded of "wowsville". i mentioned to stephen one that we must go ice skating sometime. i ain't playin'. i'll do hockey player stops and spray ice on all of you.

yes, i just thought i'd write something in our little community cause it has been a while since i, or anyone else has.

much love to all. i'll see you tomorrow morning, stephen. i will NOT where my stripey sweater so we don't look related.
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water that comes from de butt [21 Nov 2002|06:29pm]

[ mood | sore ]

i have joined the ranks of the ebay world and if i don't get what i bid on, i might just cry. i plan to put some stuff up on there soon. and hopefully i will become as shrew as sara is!!

p.s. and YES i saw part of DOOL today. and i was thinking whyyyyy john "work that eyebrow" black kept leaving marlena when you KNOW she would just sink into oblivion. crazy fools!

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[21 Nov 2002|05:46pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Stephen, I knew you were right. but I had to experiment with my digestive system anyway.

don't eat at Gilligan's on Two Notch. I'm never eating shellfish again, I swear. fo' real, yo.

but I feel fine now.

mum: you look... paler than usual.
me: haerghihdfsahafkeiof!

oh, and did anyone see DOOOOOOL? it's actually starting to be fun again!

mum (again): Marlena's never been the same since she floated and her head spun around.

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i'm alive... [16 Nov 2002|02:11am]

[ mood | drunk ]

just thought i'd let you all know i made it home safely. much love. i hope i didn't make a fool out of myself. my tolerance level is staggeringly low. i hope you will still love me despite my displays of stupidity. so yes, stephen's 1 and 2, i'm not dead. sara, thanks ever so much for all my echos. i shall be happy for quite a while. of course, you can also thank jason for me tomorrow for his excellent tastes.

"they be doin' it on this show!"

"quote of the day which i can't remember here."

i still want an iBook, and photoshop and other fun softwares, mr. stephen two. i AM NOT playin' wit you.

you all make me feel like an alcoholic. drinking alone is a social scene cannot be good. i'll forgive. i got 4 new cds thanks to my loves. of course, you all know who you are.

ok. i need a tall glass of water to combat dehydration/hangoverness.

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damnit [14 Nov 2002|04:04pm]

[ mood | determined ]

ya'll i ran over a nail and got another fuckin flat tire.....holy pete, i just bought the car in january and i've replaced 3 of the 4, brand new when i bought the car, tires. i guess i just have shitty luck with tires on my car. and on the last car i had, i ran into a large rock that i couldn't see cuz it was dark outside and i slashed two of the tires and bent the rims so i just put 4 new tires and rims on the thing....what the hell

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