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an email from...

Shocking News
Subject line reads: Redheadgirlusc Enlarge your Penis safely and naturally.

I'm amused. Much like the email i got that said "This Nokia 3390 phone could be yours, WHORE!!!"

Yes, I am typing with appropriate capitalization. I'm writing papers, so I'm in the groove. On page 3. I'll just squeeze out some more psycho-babble bullshit from my a-hole and be done with it...I'm guessing by midnight.

Woman from "Beta-Tech" called tonight and I was like, "I'm trying to write a paper and study for exams, I can't talk to you right now." HAHAHAHA

Can't you feel me analyzing you?

Jennipher practices beastiality. I've got pictures.

Ok, back to it.

Oh, for those of you who care, and I know you all do...Brie talked to Rachel and it isn't as bad as people were fabricating it to be. However, she's still doing coke, and living with skank girl, and obsessed with the wrong person. She'll come back. I think Kim was just a little hurt and jealous. Understandably, or course. Oh, the tangled webs I weave.

Glad I have a few drug free friends. Much love.
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