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a merry christmas to all...

and to all a good night!

i hope santa is super nice to all of you. i be missing you! i am not attending mass this evening because i really do have a headache. of course, i only go to appease my mother. then i usually stay seated during communion which makes her a bit sad. the catholic church is full of the crazies, so i choose not to subject myself to it. the daddy and i are hanging here while my mom and brother go off to church. he's making my mom a chest of drawers so she's been barred from the garage for a week, and i'm in on the charade.

in one of the grand murphy traditions, i got to open one present tonight. i got a new feather pillow to replace my favorite that has fallen apart. so yay.

with each year the excitement dwindles. i'll probably still wake up in the wee hours and creep downstairs and look in my stocking, but i'm hoping nobody wakes up until at least 8.

why am i still talking/typing? oh, because i'm bored. so yeah. much love to all. merry christmas!
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