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i'm alive...

just thought i'd let you all know i made it home safely. much love. i hope i didn't make a fool out of myself. my tolerance level is staggeringly low. i hope you will still love me despite my displays of stupidity. so yes, stephen's 1 and 2, i'm not dead. sara, thanks ever so much for all my echos. i shall be happy for quite a while. of course, you can also thank jason for me tomorrow for his excellent tastes.

"they be doin' it on this show!"

"quote of the day which i can't remember here."

i still want an iBook, and photoshop and other fun softwares, mr. stephen two. i AM NOT playin' wit you.

you all make me feel like an alcoholic. drinking alone is a social scene cannot be good. i'll forgive. i got 4 new cds thanks to my loves. of course, you all know who you are.

ok. i need a tall glass of water to combat dehydration/hangoverness.
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