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my helper monkey is typing this.

I'm having a kinda cruddy evening! woo! I just told Dean (my friend-type man in Atlanta) that I don't mind if he doesn't speak to me ever again! HAHAHAHAHA! and he said "what kind of attitude is that? that's a 'you don't know me' attitude!" and I said "blah blah!" LONG story I could write on my LJ but to quote the Super Furry Animals "the Man don't give a fuck." (PSSST: DOWNLOAD ME THAT SONG, K? IT'S RAD.)

anyway, I'm having a bake sale in my front yard Wednesday so if anyone wants to visit and get fed stop by in the daylight hours. oh, and we DO need to have a Big Fun Ice Capades.

can anyone recommend funny NES games? I painted the console bright blue and I'll do some gold trim in a moment.
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